The Midway

Philadelphia Museum of Art, 1990


“The Midway” was conceived in response to visiting the Philadelphia Museum of Art while an exhibition from the Annenberg Collection was on display. Following the galleries of Impressionist and Post Impressionist paintings was a room devoted to Cezanne’s notebooks, presented in cases with support materials on low tables and extended texts on the walls. I went to the museum to think about the space and stir up some thoughts for an installation proposal I was about to submit, a response to a juried invitational exhibition for contemporary art at the PMA.  I responded to the museum experience itself, and the art viewers’ participation in it, and developed my proposal to reflect upon this mediated, institutional encounter with art.

Installation view, "The Midway"
photographic installation

Detail,"The Midway"
including motorized, photographic column of water rotating at 7 rpms

Installation view, "The Midway”